• Futurezelena strecha detail 23 

    Emphasis on environment,
    ecology and efficient energy use.

  • Experiencesstrecha detail 

    More than 20 years of experiences
    in the field of waterproofing and insulation.

  • Quality01

    More than 2 300.000 square meters
    successfully insulated

Certifikát ISO 9001 LL-C

Certifikát ISO 14001 LL-C


Softened PVC

Bauder PVC foil

Item, (m2 in roll/on pallet)
Thermofol U 12 (30/480) more
Thermofol U 15 (30/480) more
Thermofol U 15 V backed fleece (30/480) more
Thermofol U 18 (30/480) more
Thermofol U 20 (30/360) more
Thermofol D 15 for details (5/15/480) more
Thermofol M 15 mechanical anchor (15/480) more

Bauder PVC accessories

Inner corner PVC 90 degrees
Outer corner PVC 90 degrees
Multi flange transfer 18 mm PVC
Lighting rod holder PVC
Transfer breaker point 76 mm PVC
Coated metal sheet PVC FB 12 RAL 1415, 2x1m more
Coated metal sheet PVC FB 12 RAL 1415 roll, 30rm more
Coated metal sheet PVC FB 14 RAL 1415, 2x1m more
Glue, consump. 300g/m2, pack. 4.4kg
Glue, consump. 300g/m2, pack. 8.9kg
Adhesive fleece 1014 PUR, pack 6 boxes, pack. 2kg
Adhesive fleece 1014 PUR, pack. 10kg
Cleaner / activator PVC, pack.5l
Cleaner / activator PVC, pack.10l
Pourable sealer PVC, pack. 10l
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