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Construction of turnkey family houses
Family houses from the ground up to the roof. Including insulation, interior plastering and landscaping.

Reconstruction and modernization of buildings
Remediation of old buildings, dilapidated masonry and general reconstruction of buildings. Replacement of windows and doors, insulation of walls and roofs of industrial, administrative buildings and apartment buildings.

Construction of industrial buildings and halls
Objects used from agriculture to medicine. Often with highly specific construction requirements.

Building construction and budgeting
The budget for construction revalued on the basis of the landmark statement or the sightseeing of the building. A clear and detailed budget item is the basis for good cooperation.

Processing of all levels of project documentation of buildings
We also provide the project documentation for the construction site, where 100% is taken into account the of client's requirements.

Quick rundown of the construction process:
The first step is the customer's contact with our company and the projection of the building (if not a finished project). The building permit follows (issued by the Construction Office) and a professional consultation of the building project with the client. Consequently, we create a bid to reconcile and determine the scope and timing of the works, implementation dates and warranties. As a first activity at the work site is pre-production preparation of construction and site preparation, after this step excavation work and implementation of foundations. There are ground and above ground floors, roof and fence construction and window and door fittings. The last steps include the installation of infrastructure and surface finishing, completion of the building, painting and landscaping of the new building. Finally, we will ensure the activities related to building final approval.


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